A statement from Dr. Julie Jordan, Vice President for Research and Economic Development...Photo of Dr. Jordan, Vice President for Research and Economic Development

"Open and collaborative fundamental research has served as a scientific and economic boon to the U.S. and the world. MSU is dedicated to the development of globally competent students and internationally engaged faculty. The research and education enterprises, however, are put at risk when other governments endeavor to benefit from it without upholding the values of openness, transparency and reciprocal collaboration.  To that end, it is critical that our faculty, staff, and students adhere to laws, regulations and disclosure requirements regarding international collaborations."



Federal agencies have issued statements expressing growing concerns over the potential for foreign influence in the following areas:

  1. failure by some researchers to disclose contributions of resources from other organizations, including foreign governments;
  2. diversion of intellectual property to foreign entities;
  3. sharing of confidential information by peer reviewers with others, including in some instances with foreign entities, or otherwise attempting to influence funding decisions.

The China Initiative

  • Established in November, 2018 by the Department of Justice

  • Goal of disrupting and deterring the national security threats posed by the policies and practices of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)

  • Identified academia as one of the most vulnerable sectors

  • Two pronged strategy: 1) raise awareness on campuses of the threats and the importance of a security program, and 2) prosecuting researchers who have been deliberately deceptive about their ties to China or exploited their access