Disclosure of Foreign Relationships and Activities

Disclosure to MSU

Federally funded researchers are required to report outside activity related to their University expertise, whether domestic or foreign, for review and approval via the Financial Disclosure form. For more information about training and how to disclose, please visit the COI program website at https://www.orc.msstate.edu/compliance/coi/

Faculty may participate in certain consulting or non-consulting activities as outside employment (including business activities). Staff may participate only in certain consulting or non-consulting activities, but only as outside employment (including business activities). These activities may be permitted provided that activities do not conflict with faculty and staff normal duties and responsibilities at MSU and do not otherwise violate state law or university policy. MSU employees proposing to conduct these activities must obtain approval from their relevant immediate supervisors, dean/director(s), and vice president(s). This approval must be obtained in advance by submitting an Outside Employment Request Form. Any questions should be referred to the Office of Compliance and Integrity (325-5839), the Office of Procurement and Contracts (325-2550) or the Office of General Counsel (325-8131).

Disclosure to the Sponsor

Federal sponsors generally require broader disclosure than MSU. Outside and inside activities must be reported to federal sponsors. All federally sponsored investigators and key personnel must report any activity that supports their research endeavors to sponsors, regardless of: (1) whether it is an activity conducted within the scope of their MSU job (i.e., an “inside activity”) or conducted in their private capacity (i.e., an “outside activity”); and (2) whether it coincides or not with the term of their MSU appointment.

Disclosure to the Public

Disclose financial interests related to your research in all public sharing of your MSU research results - presentations, publications or otherwise. Journals and professional organizations (where results are presented) have different, often broader standards for disclosure than the University. Review those standards for each relevant journal or organization. Remind your group members and coauthors to review those standards.

Working with Foreign National Visitors

Visiting scientists are an asset to MSU’s research programs. In addition to restricted party screening, it is important to follow proper appointment processes to ensure individuals are properly vetted, and that access to the University’s space and systems is appropriate for the proposed work.

Be diligent in evaluating the nature of any visiting collaborators: visitors with extended stays, or who do not have the appropriate background for the anticipated research activity, must be carefully scrutinized. Any activity that raises suspicion should be thoroughly evaluated in consultation with your Dean’s Office.

Export Compliance

Regulations around export controls are complex and constantly evolving, and there several issues to be considered before engaging in a wide range of export-controlled activities. This includes collaborating with international partners, making financial transactions, international shipments, transferring technology, traveling abroad, or using restricted materials for research.

Questions related to Export Control compliance should be directed to Chris Jenkins.

Foreign Travel (Sponsored or Personal)

Agencies and other entities that fund your work may require advance approval and/or disclosure of foreign travel or domestic travel sponsored by foreign entities. Check the requirements associated with your specific funding sources.

Intellectual Property/ Material Transfer/ Non-Disclosure Agreement

To ensure that intellectual property is protected and, when required, appropriately reported to sponsors, promptly disclose potential inventions or other intellectual property to the Office of Technology Management.