International Shipping

Individuals engaging in international shipments should contact the Office of Research Compliance and Security (ORC&S) before shipment occurs. For items that are to be exported, either temporarily or permanently, an export classification for items shipped and restricted party screening of the recipient should be completed by the Export Control Officer (ECO). The ECO can:

  • Assist in determining if a license is required.
  • File license applications with the appropriate U.S. agency on behalf of the university.
  • Facilitate the shipment to ensure compliance.

Individuals may contact the ORC&S at Information required is as follows:

  1. From:  senders name, citizenship, department, etc.
  2. To:  receivers name, physical address, company name, etc.
  3. Items being shipped and description
  4. Shipping means: Mississippi State Mail Services, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials shipments should be reviewed by Environmental Health and Safety.   See Policy OP 79.09

Mississippi State University’s Property, Receiving and Mail Services will be able to assist with freight forwarding and other logistics matters. Documents or promotional items are not necessarily required to be reviewed, unless they contain confidential or otherwise sensitive technologies or information.

Items to be shipped to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or Crimea – region of Ukraine require oversight and a license authorization, regardless of the item to be shipped. Failure to obtain a license before shipping can result in penalties.

Please contact Chris Jenkins, the ECO, at or 325-0400 with any questions or concerns.