Export 101/Export Compliance at MSU

The export outside of the U.S. of certain commodities, technologies, software, and services is regulated by the U.S. Government for reasons of national security, foreign policy, the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and for competitive trade.  Also regulated under the export control statute, “deemed export”, is the transfer or release of controlled information within the U.S.

Examples of activities that may implicate export control laws and regulations and therefore require close review by the Export Control Officer (ECO) prior to commencement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Engaging in research in controlled areas;
  2. Engaging in research where publication or participation by foreign nationals is restricted by the sponsor;
  3. Receiving and/or using export-controlled information or technologies obtained from other parties;
  4. Shipping or taking equipment, technology, or software overseas (promotional items or documents that do not contain controlled or sensitive information are not required to be reviewed);
  5. Traveling or working outside the United States;
  6. Collaborating with foreign nationals on research projects, education program, and other services, whether within the U.S. or abroad;
  7. Preparing or presenting information at venues abroad or at venues within the U.S. where foreign nationals are present;
  8. Participating in international exchange programs;
  9. Employing foreign nationals to work in university offices and laboratories;
  10. Hosting foreign visitors; and
  11. Training foreign nationals.