About OVAs

A Visiting Scholar is an individual (international or domestic) who is visiting Mississippi State University for the primary purpose of conducting research on a specific research project, or teaching in the area of his/her expertise, or engaging in other non-research activity. Visiting Scholar appointments are initiated by an academic department, college, or other unit of the university and are to complement the ongoing efforts of the unit; refer to AOP 13.22. The departments can contact Veronika Jelinkova with any questions at vbj3@msstate.edu or 325-7190.

Keep in mind that Visiting Scholars funded by an outside entity can trigger disclosure requirements, especially if you receive federal funding. Refer to our Agency Specific Guidance for more information. Additionally, research resources (including personnel) funded by an outside entity are considered "Other Support" and should be included in your Financial Disclosure Form.

Ideally, the completed Official Visitor Packet should be submitted to ORC&S four months before the intended start date. The MSU Collaborator should allow enough time for the Official Visitor packet to flow through the different stages while being processed.

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