OVA Forms

Inviting a Visiting Scholar to MSU

To invite a Visiting Scholar to MSU, complete the Official Visitor Packet. Refer to the OVA Guidelines for helpful tips on how to complete the forms and for more details about the OVA process.

The Official Visitor Packet should include the following documents:

Use the OVA Checklist to ensure you have completed all the components of the Official Visitor Packet before you send the paperwork to ORC&S.

Please submit the completed packet to ORC&S for review via MSU Filelocker to Veronika Jelinkova, vbj3.

Non-salary Stipend

Per AOP 13.22, visiting scholars are not employees and should not be paid as intermittent workers but they can receive a stipend.

If a department intends to provide a non-salary stipend for supplemental research expenses to the Visiting Scholar, a Stipend Addendum and a new OVA Cover Sheet and Routing Form must be completed but only after the Visiting Scholar arrives on campus. Attach the approved OVA and route forms to ORC&S.

For more information on nonresident alien payments, please reference the Office of the Controller and Treasurer's website.

Date Change/Extension

To change the dates or extend the visit of a Visiting Scholar, please complete the OVA Addendum and a new Official Visitor Agreement Cover Sheet and Routing Form. Attach the approved OVA and route forms to ORC&S.